Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Until The End of Time

Title:  Until The End of Time
Author:  Danielle Steel
Publication Information:  Delacorte Press, Random House Publishing Group, Random House Inc. 2013. 323 pages.

Book Source:  I read this book because I read Danielle Steel books.

Favorite Quote:  "It was one of those defining moments in life when you throw everything you believe out the window and caution to the winds."

Until The End of Time is a love story - one or two depending on your perspective. The premise is that true love transcends time and recognizes each other in different life spans. This book tells the story of Bill and Jenny and the story of Robert and Lillibet. Two stories or one - you decide.

I had a number of issues with this book. One, the book did not effectively sell its premise of love continuing beyond death. The two stories seemed completely separate. The only connection was the author saying here are two stories, and here is the connection. The connection had no substance.

Second, Bill and Jenny's story ends up in a small town in rural Wyoming. Unfortunately, the overriding impression left of the community is of alcoholism, abuse, and people who needed what Jenny's New York glamour brings. Robert and Lillibet's story is set among the Amish. The impression left from this one is one of limited rights of women in the Amish community. Both stories seemed to bring out the negative stereotypes with both small town living and an Amish life. As such, it did a disservice to both communities.

Third, because the book attempted to tell stories, it seemed to do neither one justice. Both felt rushed, and both came to an abrupt ending. Not satisfying for someone looking to get lost in a romance.

I will probably keep reading Danielle Steel because sometimes you just need the idealism and happy endings her books bring, but this was not one I enjoyed.

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