Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Win College Scholarships

Title:  How to Win Scholarships:  A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps
Author:  Monica L. Matthews
Publication Information:  ebook edition

Book Source:  I read this book because college costs are looming large on the horizon for us, and every resource can help. The guide came as a ebook edition from the author.

Favorite Quote:  "It [Winning scholarships] will not be easy, but I think the information that I've shared here will make it easier on both of you."

How to Win Scholarships lives up to its name. It is a how-to guide written by a mother, who was faced with the dilemma a few years ago of how to pay for her oldest son's college education, especially given that they have two younger children who will be college age soon.

This guide is the culmination of her research and experience. Her results speak for themselves. Her son received over $100,000 in scholarship money.

The guide is short - under 25 pages. The information in it is straight forward - tips that make you go "That makes sense." The tips are also specific, ranging from how to organize the search, how to build a resume, and how to find opportunities. In addition, the writing perspective is that of a parent - someone with a vested interest in the success of the process. Someone with the same perspective as a reader.

Accompanying the guide, the author has an active social media presence. Ongoing resources include lists of scholarship opportunities and articles on the college process.

A useful resource if you are looking at the college process.

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