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Scandal Above Stairs

Title:  Scandal Above Stairs
Author:  Jennifer Ashley
Publication Information:  Berkley. 2018. 320 pages.
ISBN:  0399585532 / 978-0399585531

Book Source:  I received this book through Penguin First to Read free of cost in exchange for an honest review.

Opening Sentence:  "The clatter of crockery on the flagstone floor broke my heart."

Favorite Quote:  "We must help one another in this world, because it is a difficult place. Too difficult for us all to be selfish. It is also fine to ask for help - we should not be too proud to admit when we need it."

Scandal Above Stairs is the second book in the series started in Death Below Stairs. The charm of the characters continues into this book. While it is not absolutely necessary to have read the first book, it is beneficial in this case. Many of the characters from the first book feature in this book. Although the mystery is new, most of the secondary plot lines continue from the first book.

Kat Holloway is still the cook in the same household. This book is once again a little bit of an upstairs downstairs story. The mystery of this book begins with thefts and disappearances of artwork that lead to murder. It is such fun to watch Kat Holloway navigate and solve the mystery while maintaining the upstairs downstairs decorum so central to Victorian English society. Those who know her and appreciate her abilities do not stand on ceremony; to the rest of the world, she is only the cook of the household and hence to be kept in her place.

Besides the mystery itself, what makes this book a charming read is the continuing stories of the characters.

Lady Cynthia is still a woman ahead of her times, living on her own terms rather than conforming to societal expectations. Her family is still trying to marry her off, but she has other plans. A friendship and a romance is perhaps budding.

Tess is a new addition in this book. She comes as a cook's assistant, referred by someone Kat trusts absolutely. Tess is rough around the edges and with a chip on her shoulder. Kat is both manager and mother to this young woman, who has a story of her own. Some of that is revealed through the book; some may emerge.

Daniel McAdam's continues to be the debonair mystery man. He seems to know everyone. He seems able to do anything. A little more of his back story is explored beyond what was in the first book.

Kat herself continues unafraid to speak her mind and takes no nonsense from anyone. Her relationship with her daughter reveals her more vulnerable side. This book takes Daniel and Kat's relationship further as well.

Both books in the series prove to be quick reads with characters about whom I want to learn more. According to the author's website, the third book is titled Death in Kew Gardens and is "coming soon." I can't wait.

If you are interested in the author's other work, note that she writes under three names. As Jennifer Ashley, she writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance. As Ashley Gardner, she authors mysteries. Allyson James is the name for the paranormal romance and urban fantasy books. Worth exploring!

I am interested in the fact that Kat Holloway is a cook and apparently a fine one at that. Both books so far have descriptions of ingredients and dishes and the creation of menus that sound tempting. As someone who enjoys cooking, I wonder if a Kat Holloway cookbook will be coming at some point.

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