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Just My Typo: From "Sinning with the Choir" to "the Untied States"

Title:  Just My Typo: From "Sinning with the Choir" to "the Untied States"
Author:  Drummond Moir, editor
Publication Information:  Three Rivers Press, Crown Publishing Group, Random House LLC, Penguin Random House Company. 2012. 192 pages.
ISBN:  0385346603 / 978-0385346603

Book Source:  I received this book as a publisher's galley through Edelweiss free of cost in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Quote:  "All typos in this book are intentional. Any typos made by the compiling editor are also intentional, and are there purely for comic effect. If during the course of reading this book you think you spot a typo, you haven't. If you think you might have spotted one all the same, you haven't. No typos will be corrected for future editions."

Just My Typo is an eclectic collection of typographical errors found and collected by the editor. The book is relatively short and a quick read, but when you are dealing with a typo in a headline or a sentence, even a short length can encompass a lot.

The book organizes the collection by source/topic:

  • Literature
  • Media
  • History/politics
  • International
  • Food related
  • Legal
  • Money related
  • Auto correct errors
  • Children's typos
  • Religious texts texts
  • Romance
  • Life and death
Within each section, it also includes:
  • Favorite typos submitted by editors and others.
  • Typesetting mistakes that go well beyond just a typo.
  • "Interludes" with typos or other language trivia that perhaps does not fit the rest of the structure of the book.
I found myself reacting differently as I read along depending on the exact error:
  • Some are an interesting historic tidbit, and I found surprising. For example, I learned something about our Declaration of Independence.
  • Some require a little background to figure out the typo. I found myself looking up certain information, but that added to my interest.
  • Some I had to read a couple of times before the error jumped out at me. Of course, once I see it, it becomes obvious.
  • Some tend to repeat time after time in different scenarios. It was interesting to see those patterns emerge.
  • Some are just funny, enough to have me laughing out loud. Sometimes, that alone makes a book worthwhile.
I also love finding books that can appeal to children and adults. Parts of this book definitely are sharable with children. I find myself sharing the things I read with my family and around the dinner table. This book is also one that you can read cover to cover, or pick up and put down as you will. You could flip open to any page and find some enjoyment. I really enjoyed it and look forward to additional collections. I also can see myself sharing this with the editors and other lovers of the written word in my life. This book is just my type of book!

Disclaimer:  Any typos in this review are not intentional. I hope that I have found and corrected them all. If you find any, please let me know.

Please share your thoughts and leave a comment. I would love to "talk" to you.

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