Saturday, May 3, 2014

Knitting Yarns

Title:  Knitting Yarns
Author:  Ann Hood, editor
Publication Information:  W. W. Norton and Company Inc. 2014. 294 pages.
ISBN:  0393239497 / 978-0393239492

Book Source:  I read this book because it combines two favorite subjects - knitting and authors.

Favorite Quote:  "When I knit, everything else vanishes. Sadness, anxiety, anger, confusion. It is just me and the yarn and the lovely sound of my needles clicking together."  [Ann Hood]

Knitting yarns are essays and one poem from twenty seven authors who are also knitters. They speak about the power of knitting as a craft, of the impact the craft has had on their lives, of lessons learned, and of special people and special memories.

Some of the authors featured include:
The book also includes knitting patterns designed by Helen Bingham. The patterns include the complete instructions for making each project.

The individual essays are as diverse as the authors themselves. Some speak of a special person who taught them the art of knitting. Some speak of life situations in which knitting played a role. Some speak of a special knitting project that holds special memories. I laughed with some and cried with others.

I did not read this book through from start to end. It sat on my nightstand for a few weeks, and I found myself savoring an essay here and there. Each one stands alone. The book can be read from end to end, or flipped open to read just one essay.

I was drawn to this book as I am a reader and a knitter. Readers will find interesting the insights into the worlds and lives of authors whose books they have read. Knitters will find themselves relating to the experiences described and the impact of knitting on lives. I could see this book making a wonderful gift for certain people in my life.

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