Friday, January 3, 2014

The Secret - Hero

Title: The Secret - Hero
Author:  Rhonda Byrne
Publication Information:  Atria Books, Simon & Schuster Inc. 2013. 227 pages.

Book Source:  I read this book based on enjoying the author's other works.

Favorite Quote:  "This is your story, but only you can live it. This is your Hero's Journey, but only you can take it."

The Secret - Hero is the fourth book in the series in Rhonda Byrne. The first was the international bestseller, The Secret, which was preceded by the movie of the same title. Then came The Power, The Magic, and now this book.

The essence of this book is that we are - each of us - the heroes of our own story, and it is up to us to make of our story what we will.

The book is organized into four sections - dream, hero, quest, and victory. Chapters within each section explore each idea further. Each chapter presents the author's text. Intertwined in that text are the stories of twelve contributors to the book. They come from different walks of life, but each in his or her own way has found success. Quotes from them and occasional other quotes reinforce the ideas of each section.

I enjoy the idea, and the book. I do not care for the organization of the book. I started by reading the book as written.  I kept losing the thread of the author's words and then each of the individual stories.

Then, I went back and read it the way it makes more sense to me. I went through the book several times, following each thread separately. Read this way, the same picture develops but from a different perspective. I find myself more involved in the book and the ideas as I read one point of view from beginning to end.

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