Sunday, September 15, 2013

Digital Photography FAQs

Title:  Digital Photography FAQs
Author:  Jeff Wignall
Publication Information:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2012. 384 pages.

Book Source:  I found this book while browsing the online catalog for my local library.

Favorite Quote:  "In the end, the real answers always come from trying, experimenting, and answering this question for yourself:  What would happen if.....?"

Digital Photography FAQs is a daybook for photographers. It is structured in a question and answer format with a total of 365 questions. The questions are categorized as follows:  camera and gear, basic photography techniques, lenses and accessories, and creative shooting techniques. It is aimed towards a beginner photographer.

The positive aspects of this book are that it provides succinct, high-level answers to basic photography questions. As such, it can be a good introduction to the topic. The book also includes photographs that illustrate the questions and topics being addressed. Having a visual reference certainly makes a concept easier to understand.

I read this as an ebook edition. I think this book would be better suited to a print edition. The ebook edition, perhaps because of the graphics, takes a long time to load and move through pages.

The biggest issue with this book is the lack of organization and tools that would allow the book to be used as a true reference. Beyond the four main categories, the book has no other organization. The book includes no topical index. The individual questions within each section are not in any particular order. The author even says, "These are delivered in no particular order, so if you're a flip-though-the-pages kind of reader, like me, the format of this book will appeal to you." I suppose I am not that kind of reader, as the format does not appeal to me.

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