Thursday, August 15, 2013

This is How You Lose Her

Title:  This is How You Lose Her
Author:  Junot Diaz
Publication Information:  Riverhead Books, Penguin Group. 2012. 213 pages.

Book Source:  I read this book as this month's selection for my local book club.

Favorite Quote:  "Sometimes a start is all we ever get."

Disclaimer:  I very rarely abandon books, especially book club books. However, I could not make my way through this one.

This is How You Lose Her is the story narrated by Yunior, a young man of Dominican heritage, who is finding his way through life looking for love. It is the story of some of the women he loves and loses. It is his story.

It was pretty clear from the first page that this book is not for me. Within the first page were the words a**ho**, f***king, and sh**. Not my kind of language, not my kind of writing style. It did not help that the story being told in those first pages is about a young man cheating on his girlfriend.

However, for a book club selection, I persevere. For me, the book goes from bad to worse. In the next few pages, the narrator refers to his friends calling his girlfriend a b**ch.

Again, for a book club selection, I attempt to persevere. Unfortunately, the language and writing style and tone remain the same. There may have been a story in there. I couldn't get past the writing to see it. The book successfully lost me.

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