Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Lake House

Title:  The Lake House
Author:  Marci Nault
Publication Information:  Gallery Books, Simon & Schuster. 2013. 390 pages

Book Source:  I received this book through the GoodReads First Reads program free of cost in exchange for an honest review. The book arrived as an advance uncorrected proof.

Favorite Quote:  "Don't pray for God to make your life perfect. Instead, ask for the humor and courage to get you through."

The Lake House refers to a community on the shores of Lake Nagog in Massachusetts. It refers to a group of kids growing up together who vow to stay together forever. Some keep that promise. Some do not. Victoria is one who does not. She leaves and returns many times during her life. Finally, at age 72, she returns to stay and to see if she can rebuild her life there.

Into this community comes Heather Bregman. She is young and still trying to determine the direction of her life. She steps into this close knit community and attempts to make a place in it for herself.

Old friendships, old memories, and old loves crossover into new relationships and rekindled friendships and love. Somewhat predictable and formulaic but that is part of the attraction. You know what to expect with a book like this, and it delivers. An easy to read story to pass away an afternoon. If this was summer, I would call it a good beach read.

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