Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Autobiography of Us

Title:  The Autobiography of Us
Author:  Aria Beth Sloss
Publication Information:  Henry Holt and Company, LLC. 2013. 292 pages.

Book Source:  I saw this book while browsing on GoodReads.

Favorite Quote:  "I suppose that could be said of anyone we love, that their effects on our lives run so deeply, with such grave force, we hardly know what they mean until they are gone."

The "Us" are Alex and Rebecca. They meet in 1958 as girls, and instantly forge a friendship. The Autobiography of Us is the story of that relationship within the cultural context of the 1960s as Alex and Rebecca grow up and attempt to find their own way within the confines of family and cultural expectations.

The description had all the makings of a good story - young women at a fascinating point in history, friendships we can relate to, expectations we try to live up to and escape. Unfortunately, the reality of this book did not live up to its expectations.

The characters were not particularly likable. The book seemed a little disjointed. Throughout, the book was an undercurrent that made it feel like I, as a reader, was missing part of the story. I kept waiting for it to come together, but it never quite did.

It had the potential, but did not get there.

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