Sunday, December 16, 2012

Whoever You Are

Title:  Whoever You Are
Author:  Donna Marie Lanheady
Publication Information:  Donna Marie Lanheady. 2012. 185 pages

Book Source:  I received this book from the author for review. The book arrived as an ebook edition.

Favorite Quote:  "We focused on our family and what we wanted in our life together. We stopped looking back and moved forward. It was the only way out of it."

What defines who you are as a person? Is it family? Is it race? Is it sexual orientation? Is it your career? And what if one element changes? What if you learn that you don't come from where you thought? Does that change who you are? These are the questions that this book deals with.

Emily McGinn is secure in her life, her relationships, and where she belongs. Then, she receives a large inheritance from someone she does not know. Questions about the inheritance lead to discoveries that make Emily question those who love her and her own view of herself.

The question the author poses is a significant one. The potential for a great story exists. However, this book falls a little short. The story addresses the question on many different levels - some unnecessary -  and does so in a relatively short span. As such, the book seems rushed.

I loved the Donna Marie Lanheady's first book, Where Secrets Lie, (reviewed November 2011, Where Secrets Lie). In this one, I see the potential if not the implementation. I do look forward to reading more.

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