Friday, August 24, 2012

Things I Learned From Knitting

Title:  Things I Learned From Knitting
Author:  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Publication Information:  Storey Publishing. 2008. 160 pages

Book Source:  I enjoy reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's blog and have read some of her other books. I was interested to see what lessons knitting had for her. The book came through PaperbackSwap.

Favorite Quote:  "It turns out that knitting is a luxury, and buying yarn (even cheap yarn) or having time to knit (even five minutes) or simply sitting in my house (even my very small house) with that warm, soft yarn in my hands is a sign that I am extraordinarily rich and fortunate."

Things I Learned From Knitting is another collection of essays by blogger Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. As a knitter, I found myself laughing and nodding my head in agreement over a lot of the material. Anyone passionate about a craft will recognize that we all start to see our philosophy of life reflected in elements of our craft. Our crafts teach us, keep us busy, and enable us to show ourselves to the world. And they teach us along the way.

This book is a pocket size volume - perhaps to easily fit into a knitting bag? The lessons in this book are about patience, love, generosity, perfection, and about getting to know our own selves better. The tone is a humorous one as life lessons are put into a knitting context. Lessons like "Don't worry. Be happy" and "Practice makes perfect" and "Everything is relative."

This is the third or fourth book I have read by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. While each one is individually interesting, by the second or third, they start to sound the same. The material and the tone seem the same from book to book. So, I think if this was the first one I had read, I would have really enjoyed it. I still thought it was okay, but nothing new. I enjoy reading her blog and love her amazing yarn creations though!

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