Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Knitter's Life List

Title:  The Knitter's Life List
Author:  Gwen W. Steege
Publication Information:  Storey Publishing, LLC. 2011. 320 pages..

Book Source:  I saw this book listed in Book Page magazine I picked up at our local library.

Favorite Quote:  "Discover the things about playing with sticks and string that you most enjoy."

The Knitter's Life List, as the quote above suggests, is designed to help readers discover different aspects of the world of knitting. It is not a how-to book in that it does not have specific patterns. It is more a who's who and a what's what in the world of knitting. Individuals who have had and continue to influence the craft of knitting. Types of projects - sweaters, socks, scarves/shawls, hats, gloves/mittens, bags, kids knits, and home decor. Yarns. Techniques. References to classic patterns. Places. Traditions.

For a non-knitter, this book may hold cultural interest. Perhaps, not to be read end to end. But to be skimmed through, looking at the illustrations. The individuals and the history of knitting and the traditions from around the world are interesting in and of themselves. Even if you never intend to knit a stitch.

For an avid knitter, the book is a gold mine of information. Perhaps, to be read end to end. Perhaps, to be used as a reference. The information is probably all available elsewhere. This book pulls it together in a nice, neat package. It's probably not all inclusive either because no book can truly be. But it's a lot to keep a knitter busy for a long time just trying some of the things referenced. Take what you enjoy, and leave the rest for another knitter.

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